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Cash Valve is a leading manufacturer of Pressure Regulating and Back Pressure Valves offering products for Steam, Air/Gas, Liquid, and Cryogenic Applications.  Our products range in size from 1/8” to 2” for threaded NPTF* connections and up through 6 inches for flanged configurations.  Cash Valve offers a wide selection of pressure reductions with a max inlet pressure of 2400 psi and a max out of 750 psi.  Temperatures range between cryogenic up through -320°F to 800°F.  Materials of construction are offered with Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Iron depending on your application also referred to as “Dryseal” thread, is designed to provide a more leak-free seal without the use of Teflon tape or NPTF *, and diaphragms of various elastomers and metal configurations.other sealant compound.  NPTF are interchangeable with NPT and are standard on all Cash Valve products.

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